Review – Giant Escape 3

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Review – Giant Escape 3 2012

Basic Specifications

Color: Red/White
Size: Small
Price: $420 MSRP
Manufacturer’s Link


A review of an entry level Hybrid Bicycle from Giant

What’s to like

The Escape 3 is built on a compact geometry, which is great for those with shorter legs than torsos.  Additionally the geometry is more relaxed (upright), which is good for beginners who may not be so comfortable with an aggressive stance (to start out with).

Whats not to like

Don’t expect any high end components or the bike weight be comparable to a carbon fiber road bike.  All of the Escape 3′s components are ‘entry’ level.


The Escape 3 is a stable and well made bike that represents a lot of value for the money.  It is is a huge improvement from a no-name department store steel frame mountain bike (okay, Mongoose branded), especially in terms of weight and shifting.  You’ll notice an immediate improvement in handling and the smoothness of the ride.  Definitely plan to keep the Escape 3 for a while, perhaps delegating it to a short distance commuter/errand bike. The bike is not so expensive to have reservations about leaving it locked up for periods of time, but the entry level components will leave you wanting for more eventually.


On a scale of Enthusiastic, Suggest, Indifferent or Avoid, The Escape 3 gets Suggest